What’s included for $1.99:

  • Specialized Psychology Drills for your sport*
  • Lectures to understand mental training
  • Daily Drills that help you form a mental training habit
  • Pre-Game Drills to get you into the zone before you play
  • “Emergency” Drills for loss of confidence, poise, get over a bad game
  • 100s of audios + New content added constantly – motivation, interviews, and more in Killer Instinct Common Area
  • Customer Service that will help you in anyway we can
  • Ability to schedule 1 on 1 sessions with our trained coaches
  • More bonuses and perks as well!


We’ve been asked this a lot! It has nothing to do with the quality of the programs, but instead it aligns with our mission: to try to make sure every athlete has access to mental training. Our programs are state of the art and have been used for countless athletes – they work.

*If we have not developed your specific sport yet, use the “Any Sport” program – it will work great as well!