7.5 On Offense
8.5 Defense (Off-ball)
9.0 Defense (On-ball)

Phil Jackson on Michael Jordan

Phil Jackson on Michael Jordan playing in rhythm (at 7.5), letting the game come to him, playing in “Yin style”:

“This is something we’ve talked about as a basketball team is about how to be in the moment and be able to visualize what might happen in those times. Michael embraced this, and I think the beauty of his game was that he had all these abilities to adjust, not force his own predetermined ideas that allowed all these things to come together in his game.”

Stan Kellner and Jay Mikes are two basketball coaches that really preach the power of 7.5! Check out resources and books for more info.

Let it Happen vs. Make It Happen

On defense, you want to more or less make it happen (without fouling). On offense, great player’s tend to let it happen – and only in the 4th quarter do they start to “take over,” or make it happen.

They do this only in the 4th quarter, once they have established themselves firmly in the rhythm of the game.


Yin – on offense. You are almost like a kite on offense, letting the “wind” guide you.

Yang – on defense. You are more forceful. You are more like the wind, and you want to move the other players around.