BONUS #1: What did MJ do before every game?

Throwing Pebbles

Bonus #2: 10 Killer Commandments

I. Thou shall work as hard as possible on every aspect of one’s game.
II. Thou shall shoot 500 to 1,000 shots per day and love the basketball.
III. Thou shall be in the best shape possible, able to go just as hard in the 4th quarter as in overtime.
IV. Thou shall speak to one’s self positive to oneself and build oneself up.
V. Thou shall visualize each day and mentally prepare for the game!
VI. Thou shall respect the coach as well as the ref at all times.
VII. Thou shall have confidence in one’s self, and expect shots to go in.
VIII. Thou shall let it happen on offense at 7.
IX. Thou shall make it happen on defense at 8/9.
X. Thou shall love thy teammates with all they heart and mind and soul.

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