1. Know your Weaknesses

Take an inventory of your game, or ask a coach or close friend for help who knows your game and your goals. Ask, “What do I need to work on?”

2. Make a Plan

Start by setting 3 offensive Goals to work on:

  • Example: Shoot 90% from free throw line this season.
  • Make sure you remind yourself of the pain you’ll feel if you don’t this: If I don’t do it I won’t be the guy the team counts on. I won’t make myself more valuable. I won’t be the guy who gets the ball in the clutch
  • How will you do it? 150 freethrows per day + daily mental swishes + visualize hitting freethrows in the clutch 10 times per day

Add your own goals, following the same formula.

And then do the same for defense, mental game, and off-court goals.

3. Set 3 Big, Long-term Basketball Goals


  • Basket it to a D-1 School on scholarships
  • Become All-State
  • Lead my team in scoring

4. BONUS: Set Team Goals

Sit down with your team – what are three offense, and three defense, and three big goals you want to set? Score 100 points per game, hold the other team under 50 points, win the conference, make the playoffs? Aim high but be realistic!


Write down goals every single day. Rewrite them. Look at them, and as you look at them ACT AS IF you already achieved them. Feel yourself not just achieving them, but also feel the excitement you get from working on your goals!