Kobe “EATing” MJ’s genius

Power/Core Beliefs of All Geniuses: (They are also in the Daily Drills) 

  1. There is always a way.
  2. I belong, I can handle it.
  3. I am always in the zone, I’m always hit the sweet spot.
  4. Hard work is the way to the promised land.
  5. I will do it, I can do it, I am it.


  • Externals – Copy the genius’s body language, body tempo, and facial expression.
  • Attitude and Beliefs – Copy the genius’s attitudes and beliefs (see above).
  • Techniques (Skills and Strategies) – Copy the genius’s swing style.
  • Schedule (and Routine) – Copy the genius’s workout schedule.


Pro-tip #1 Working hard is so important. We always say WUWO: Wake up, work out! Click here for a glimpse of Tiger’s Schedule and Routine – eat this genius!