1. Mantra: “I’m always in flow, I always hit the sweet spot.” 
Say this even when things are not going right. You have to keep programing yourself positively no matter what!  Say this while using the proper body language, facial expressions and body tempo. If you just mumble this and have bad body language, you are not being congruent. Force yourself to adopt the body language of a winner all the time, even things are not going as planned. This has turned around more rounds than anything I know of. And it has kept people consistently in the zone. Say it throughout the round.

2. Keep the Perfect Rhythm 

Grip at 7.5, Rhythm at 7.5 (6.5 on puts)

3. Flood the Sweet Spot Feeling before Each Shot!

Flooding your mind and body with Sweet Spots Swings throughout your round, especially in your pre-shot routine, is incredibly powerful. Some players do 10 to 20 sweet spot swings before every shot. Just a flood of them, programing that feeling of a perfect shot before every shot.

REMINDER: After a mishit, or “bad” shot – see a clear white space, say “CLEAR!” and then do 10 sweet spot swings. The mishit is over, erased, and replaced with the sweet spot feeling!



Pro-Tip #1: Did you have a bad outing? Go to our Emergency/SOS Drills – there are tools there to help you bounce back quickly and better than ever!