You know a lot of guys ask me this question: “How do I visualize if I can’t see images in my head?”
Here are a few suggestions. Try them one at a time, or use of all of them:
1) Hold a basketball: Hold a basketball while you visualize – something about having a basketball in hands help people form mental images
2) Try Feelulization: Try to just FEEL what it feel like emotionally to hit a game winner, or FEEL physically what’ it is like to shoot, feel it in your body
3) Echo Drill: Try watching a YouTube video and watch a highlight, then pause, clause your eyes and attempt to reply what you just watched. That way you sort of get images in your head.
4) Deeper relaxation: Get into a deeper state of mental relaxation before visualizing. I assume you have dreams when you sleep, so you can see images in your mind. You need to get deeper into a trance state before you visualize.
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