Using tried and true along with cutting edge psychology, this program will get you, or your team, enter into the zone each and every game.


Killer Instinct Sports was created by Dillon Freed. He has worked with a variety of people in a variety of fields. His products BasketballBrain, BoingVERT, BoingMIND, and the products on his personal site have been used by hundred of thousands of people. Killer Instinct Sports helps athlete get into the zone and flow before they play the game. No matter your sport, this program will dramatically improve your game or your money back.


Each program is tailored specifically to that particular sport. Whether you play basketball, football, baseball, soccer, tennis, or even gaming- we have a program for you.


In sports, there are great strength and conditioning coaches, there are likewise great analytic experts. Further there are terrific skills coaches along with masterminds of strategic offensive and defensive schemes. There is a glaring void for the psychology of athletes. Killer Instinct Sports aims to be the “fifth force” in the sports world and fill that void. This is the next best thing to having your own, personal sports psychologist. This is your secret weapon.


Each program has a core of lesson that are similar sport to sport but also uniquely honed for your game. They are easy to use and powerful. We teach you the core lessons of mental training.


The SOS drills are for when things go wrong. Do you have a temper? Are you in a slump? Did you have a bad game? These drills will help put these things behind you.


This is the magic recipe to calm your nerves before you play. Our goal is to make you as emotionally comfortable in a real game as you are when you play with your friends.


These are drills that hone your vision and tactile skills to a all-star level.

VR Drills

VR drills are coming soon.


Simply pick your sport, create an account, login and start! For most sports, you will go through a quick lecture series, and after that you can begin the Daily Drills. The Daily Drills are to be done 6 days per week and take 10 to 20 minutes per day! You will see a dramatic increase in your ability to focus, the amount of confidence you have, as well as an ability to maintain your poise in game and pressure situations.