Pre-Game Jitters

You may think that what you feel before a game is not normal. You know what I am talking about I am sure:

*Super nervous
*Butterflies in stomach
*Maybe wishing you weren’t even on the team (you’d be in the stands)
*Maybe nauseous
*Legs are wobbly
*Afraid you may fail
*Crossing your fingers and hope you’ll play well

I have two pieces of good news for you, but first what causes those pre-game jitters.

Why You Get Nervous

Whenever we are going into the unknown we fear what will happen when we come out the other side.

We have major hopes and dreams – we want to play well, to dominate… but there is no guarantee we will. Therefore we start to worry about the future. We worry about things we can’t seemingly control.

So as the game approaches we start to experience “flight symptoms.” We want to run away from the potential pain and humiliation. Our imagination begins to fret about embarrassing ourselves, or just playing bad and ruining our dreams.

Some players get so nervous they only way they can cope with it is to have a readymade excuse such as an injury, illness, or something telling people about something dramatic happening in their life. That is, there will be relationship problems, family problems – and that becomes the reason they didn’t perform well!

But the truth is… they were just nervous. They didn’t know how to control their minds. There heart rate starts going crazy, their breathing is weird, they are pumped up on adrenaline, they end up over trying and suddenly becoming very tired after the adrenaline wears off.

(Have you ever been super pumped up in warm-ups and then suddenly you feel like a heavy fatigue? This is called an adrenal dump!)

Play in the Real Game like Practice

“Hey! I thought you said there was good news!” I know it’s coming in the next section. But first let me tell you one more thing.

I want you to be as relaxed in a real game as in a pick up game. I don’t know if you are a basketball fan, but several years ago Kobe Bryant went on a tear of four straight 50 point games! That’s a lot!

Several of his competitors said, “You know what’s crazy about Kobe, is he shoots in a game just like he does in practice. It’s like he’s out there by himself, in his own little zone.”

I want you to think about something: what’s the difference between a real game and practice/pick-up game in your body…

In your body, the difference is your mind is clear of expectations, your heart rate is slowing, you are breathing normal. On a scale of 1 to 10 your emotions are probably at a 7 or 8. You are in control and feel poised.

Wouldn’t it be great to get there every game? (Here comes the good news)

Good News #1: You are NORMAL!

#1 What you feel before the game – all the running away thoughts and sickly physical feelings and uncomfortable emotions – are absolutely, 100%, perfectly normal! My name is Dillon Freed – I create peak performance products – many of the for athletes! I have worked with hundreds of thousands of athletes and let me tell you – they ALL get nervous! From middle school to the major leagues!

Good News #2: There is a 100% FREE solution to your problem

I created a program that is totally free that you can check out on this site – I know some of you already signed up! If you haven’t, just create an account for free and it will teach you the following things:

*How to calm your mind so you can SLEEP the night before a game
*How to get rid of expectations others have for you (scouts, coaches, parents, fans, media, social media – a simple drill that will eliminate caring what other people think about you!)
*A powerful drill you can do starting 10 to 20 minutes before your actual game begins that will slow your mind, your heart rate, and get ready of the jiggliness in your belly!

I also go into how to stay present during the game and what to do after the game. You have nothing to lose by signing up here:

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I literally have devoted my to making things better for everyone I come in contact with. That’s my goal. I know this program will really, really help with your pre-game jitters. If you have any questions you can reach out to use here. We try to be available around the clock. If you need anything, again, contact us.

Bonus: Taking Your Game to the Next Level

If you really want to get better, check out There are full on psychology programs there that will INCREDIBLY improve your game. But don’t check them out yet. Prove to yourself that mental training works. Use the NoNervous program, and then I am sure you will be intrigued to see what else your mind can do!