Lecture 1: The Two Zones

Lecture 2: How Not to Be Insane

Lecture 3: First Thing in the Morning

Lecture 4: Body Language and Body Tempo

Lecture 5: Modeling “EATS” Genius

Some More Belifes
1. There is someone out working me right now – I must work harder.
2. Failure isn’t final – I learn from defeat.
3. I make the fundamentals fun! I master the fundamentals.
4. My conditioning will take over in crunch time.
5. I train my mind, that is my secret weapon.

Lecture 6: Visualization and Feelulization

Lecture 7: Mantras and Releasing

Lecture 8: The Self-Image: Being a Genius

Bonus 1: The X-Factor

Bonus 2: The 10 Commandments of Sports