No Nervous was created by Dillon Freed. He has worked with a variety of people in a variety of fields. His products BasketballBrain, BoingVERT, BoingMIND, and the products on his personal site DillonFreed.com have been used by hundred of thousands of people. No Nervous helps athletes eliminate the nervous before they play! It helps athlete get into the zone and flow before they play the game. No matter your sport, this program will dramatically improve your game or your money back.

Our Aim
In sports, there are great strength and conditioning coaches, there are likewise great analytic experts. Further there are terrific skills coaches along with masterminds of strategic offensive and defensive schemes. There is a glaring void for the psychology of athletes. Killer Instinct Sports) aims to be the “fifth force” in the sports world and fill that void. This is the next best thing to having your own, personal sports psychologist. This is your secret weapon.


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What to do

1. Stick to routine. Full practice.

2. It is okay to get extra reps in.

3. Visualize and see yourself playing well and if you are in a team sport, play out the team game in your mind. Explore this site for more information.

What not to do

1. Change your routine or try to “renovate” anything. If something feels off, try to find “one thought” to fix it and focus on. In golf, for example, a player may find a good “swing thought” leading up to the tournament. A quiet mind is closer to the zone than a mind that is all over the place.

2. Remember all games require the same preparation. No game is “more important” than any other. It doesn’t matter if it is a pre-season game or the championship. Your job is the same. Be consistent day in and day out to be consistent game in and game out.

NIGHT BEFORE: Get some sleep

Getting some sleep the night before is vital. I will be adding an audio soon to fall asleep to!


The day of the game should be as similar as possible to all other game days. Here are some good rules to follow. Don’t worry, we are going to really start getting into drills you will do. But this is really important advice to remember.

1. Eat a good breakfast
Make sure you get a lot of good fuel!

2. Don’t Visualize
Game days are not always the best time to visualize. If you want to get one more visualization in do it earlier in the morning. Game days are simply about quieting your mind and letting all your PREVIOUS practice come up from the subconscious. This program is going to help you do just that.

3. Light but Intense Workout
What we have players do is do their typical workout only cut it in half. Some players like to do 75% of their typical workout. But do not exceed that. As an example, if you are a basketball player who shoots 500 jump shots a day, on game day only shoot 250.

4. Don’t Get Too Tangled Up in Mechanics
Even if you aren’t performing well in your practice session, don’t over think. Don’t get caught up in mechanics. Here’s the hint: if you perform poorly or greatly in your session – they are both good signs. The subconscious mind gets ready in different ways.

5. Don’t become too superstitious
It’s okay to things you always do. I hope these drills are your superstitions – they are all you need. Don’t worry too much about what you wear, how you tie your shoes, or your pre-Game handshakes. Instead, remember the only thing you really need to do is to use your mind in the same way every time. Even if you miss breakfast, can’t get a workout in before the game, or have to wear shoes you have never worn before – none of that matters – your mind is the same!

6. Stay loose and have fun
If you have ever watched Steph Curry warm-up, he does this for two reasons:
a) Make sure that you don’t get too caught up in the mechanics of shooting
b) To exaggeration things you need to do when shooting (he will over emphasis somethings he is working)
c) Remember why you play the game and that it is supposed to be fun!

7. Remind yourself all you have to do is play your best
How you play the game SAYS NOTHING about who you are as a person. If you have a “bad” game you are still a good person. If you have a “good” game it says nothing about who you are either. Remember, if you “play poorly” you are still a nice, kind person who helps other. Furthermore, remember that all you have to do is play your best. That’s it. Look in the mirror and say, “I will play my best!” Say that at least 10 times in the morning and at lunch. And all you can do is hope your best will be good enough to win the day!



30 Minutes until Game Starts

This drill should be done about 30 minutes before the game. Athletes usually do it right after they have gotten their uniform on. They find 5 minutes alone to do this. It’s really simple and will ELIMINATE expectations and pressures! (Note: you can also add to this the Throwing Pebbles Drill if you need to.)



Warm-ups, 10 Minutes until Game Starts

Of all the drills, this is THE MOST IMPORTANT. If you take nothing else from this program, learn how to do the “Breathe, Stretch, Shake, Let it Go” procedure.

You need to memorize how to do this since you obviously can’t wear your headphones in most sports just before you perform. Don’t worry it is easy to remember – breathe, stretch, shake, let it go! You should start this 10 to 20 minutes before the game officially starts.

Step 1: Breath in for a count of 4, hold for a count of 4, breathe out for a count of 4, hold for a count of 4 – repeat!
Step 2: Every 45 seconds to 1:30 seconds, bend down to touch your toes and while you do so, TENESE every muscle in your body until you are shaking.
Step 3: Stand up and shake it loose! Maybe bounce a little like a boxer who shakes his or her arms out.
Step 4: Begin Breathing again.
Step 5: When you the game begins you will feel incredibly calm.


There are no “drills” for being in the game. But there are some thoughts and beliefs you want to program into the subconscious and maybe remind yourself of throughout the game. A good teammate or coach can help remind you to have “no past, no future; no outcome, no results” and further to not over-try.

“No Past, No Future; No Outcomes, No Results.”
As a bonus, try to use this mantra as you walk around during the day. Throughout the day, try to slip into the present moment. In the present, there is no lid on the subconscious – everything you trained can flood into your body effortlessly.


Another In-Game Thought: Playing Your Very Best



This is vital to do. The human mind likes to harp on the negative and even when it plays positive it doesn’t truly enjoy and celebrate it! Remember also that you are NOT how you play the game. if played poorly it says nothing about YOU as a human being! And if you played well you don’t have to worry about playing poorly next time out. So many athletes have a great game and just wish they could STOP right there because they don’t want to mess it up. I had a basketball player who scored 40 points and his worry was, “What if I can’t do that again.” I told you him, “First, expect that you will do it again. Expect greatness. And second, how you play basketball says nothing about you as a person. Stop putting your self-worth on the outcome of a game. You are free to be great!”

Find 5 good things you did and 2 things you need to work on. Regarding, the 2 things you need to work on – make a game plan to improve them!



Throwing Pebbles (if the Blackboard Drill isn’t enough) 
Believe it or not, Micheal Jordan did this before every game. I also do it before I speak or have a business meeting – or even before a big date! Ha! It is really useful.

Dome (If you have a hard time focusing) 
Jordan, Tiger Woods, Tom Brady – lots of great athletes feel as if the only privacy they have is when they are performing in public. They LOVE being in the bubble, or as I call it, “inside the dome.” In the dome, nothing can get to you, nothing can touch you. It’s your own isolation unit.

Energy (If you feel like you lack physical and mental energy just before the game starts) 
Every field or court or pitch has enormous energy in it – you just have to tap into it!

The Power of the Shadow/Alter-Ego/Spirit Animal


If you are a serious athlete, or just someone who wants to maximize their potential – explore the site here. I made it. We have products coming out for every sport, and also an “All Sports program.” If you want to go deeper into mental training and really max out your athletic gifts – you have to check this out!

I will occasionally add more little audios here about nervousness before games. Here is an important one about how practice and preparation can decrease nerves!


Practice Decreases Nervousness

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What it means to “Leave it on the field/court”

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