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Steven Jickerson | USA

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Jonathan Thomas Willis | Canada

“Killer Instinct fills a void that everyone preaches about, mental toughness. Coaches and trainers are always talking about that mental aspect of the game and how it separates you from the rest of the field yet you never here them talk about how to train/develop that mental edge. Killer Instinct does that and more.”
Guy Hensley, Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach
Tiffin University

“Killer Instinct has taken my game to new levels. I didn’t make the team as a freshman (the freshman team) – as a sophomore I was on varsity averaging 19 ppg on 49% from 3 point range. I am a sharp shooter. I do the drills every day. It truly changed my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
Brian S.

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Joseph P.

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Horace K.

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Tom P.
La Jolla, California

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George S.

“After 60 days of use, I have gone from barely breaking 100, to breaking 88 consistently.”
Alejandro T.